BWF World Championships 2013/14: Bid from Denmark accepted
Dato: 14-09-2011 14:55
Publiceret af : Press release
Yesterday the bid from Badminton Denmark to host the BWF World Championships 2013/2014 was accepted by BWF – Badminton World Federation – this means that Denmark has a good chance of becoming host of the World Championships.

Badminton Denmark’s chances of becoming host of the BWF World Championships increased as the official accept of the Danish bid yesterday was acknowledged. The final bid will be presented on the 8th of December in New Zealand and the decision will be taken on the following day.

- We are of course very satisfied with the acceptance of our bid from the BWF and we look forward to presenting the bid in December. We have all along meant that the Danish bid stood a good chance and we firmly believe in the World Championships going to Denmark in 2014, says Charlotte Malmroes, CEO, Badminton Denmark.

Hosting such a big sports event as the individual World Championships is depending on many partners. The entire process and the final bid is a result of a close collaboration between Sport Event Denmark the municipality of Ballerup, Wonderful Copenhagen and Badminton Denmark.

- It is fantastic that we now are in the run up for hosting the BWF World Championships. I’m really pleased on behalf of the Municipality of Ballerup and hope the final decision goes in Denmark’s’ direction. I think the regional and national perspectives are great – we are proud to contribute to the branding of Denmark and to attract big events in particular. Congratulations to Badminton Denmark, Sport Event Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen for having made an immense effort – I hope we reach our goal, says mayor of Ballerup, Ove E. Dalsgaard.

Also Wonderful Copenhagen is excited about the opportunity to play host of the BWF World Championships in Copenhagen:

- The BWF World Championships are a great event for Copenhagen. The many players, coaches, and families and fans will experience a Copenhagen that welcomes them with a lot of badminton related side events in the city. It is important that we activate the many Copenhageners and Danes who play badminton. In that way we can create a good atmosphere that lives up to the top standard of the World Championships, says Lars Vallentin, Business Development Manager, Wonderful Copenhagen.

For Sport Event Denmark it will once again be a triumph to attract another big international sports event to Denmark and thus Sport Event Denmark plays an important role to the fact that Badminton Denmark was able to place the bid for the BWF World Championships.

- The BWF World Championships will be an important event to Denmark. We talk about prestigious World Championships in an Olympic sport and we talk about a sport that in a Danish context opens up for exciting Danish chances for winning medals on home ground combined with World Championships that can brand Denmark within important emerging markets such as China and Asia. Therefore we will put an extra effort in securing these World Championships to Denmark, says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

On Monday it will be revealed which other potential host nations Denmark is up against in the final run up for the BWF World Championships 2013/14.

Charlotte Malmroes, CEO, Badminton Denmark, + 45 29 28 44 50
Lars Lundov, CEO,  Sport Event Denmark, +45 40 31 48 55
Peter Bøgelund, sports- and leisure manager, Municipality of Ballerup, +45  20 69 13 61
Lars Vallentin, Business Development Manager Wonderful Copenhagen, + 45 23 38 30 63

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